Bem vindo a Associação de Jiu Jitsu Bill, nosso foco principal é o ensino da tradicional arte do Jiu Jitsu Brasileiro a nossos estudantes. Buscamos transformar as vidas de cada um de nossos alunos de forma positiva em um ambiente de aprendizado estimulante.

Nossa meta é desenvolver grande atletas com espírito de luta. Guerreiros unidos pela paixão de aprender Jiu-Jitsu. Estamos à procura de líderes que querem ser parte de nossa associação em todo o mundo. Líderes que orgulhosamente carregam o nome de Associação Jiu-Jitsu Brasileiro Bill.


Nosso professor e fundador
Aparecido “Bill” tem ensinado jiu-jitsu em todo o mundo.
Ele ganhou sua Faixa preta sob o olhar
atento do mestre Wendell Alexander, Bill foi um duas
vezes Campeão do Mundo de Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Aparecido Ferreira, conhecido por seus alunos e amigos como “Bill” foi campeão mundial 2 vezes e 5 vezes campeão Brasileiro. Sendo 4º Grau faixa preta.



  • I highly recommend this academy, the head Professor Bill is one of the most humble and down to earth men I have ever meet. When I stopped by one day after work to check out his classes I was warmly greeted and asked what was my name and what brought me in. I let him know I just wanted to watch a class train and get a feel for the environment.

    After watching for an hour I could see just how much passion and dedication that Professor Bill has for his students and his academy.. You can feel the positive energy that vibrates through out each of his students and the Professor him self.

    keith morris
  • First class Jiu Jitsu instruction by a world class athlete and instructor. Profesor Bill’s infinite knowledge of the game provides and incredible edge. Daily expert tutelage from a two time world champion doesn’t come around everyday, and a luxury some professionals don’t even have. The who’s who list of legends and professional MMA world champions he has worked with provides an insight that can not be matched, training with the best creates the best. The passion and devotion Professor teaches allows you to be the absolute best you can be. His meticulous attention to detail helps set you up for success for all ages, from building discipline and confidence with the anti-bullying techniques for the kids to elite level completions. The fun, family friendly environment is a great place to learn the sport and traditions that were passed down to Professor from the impressive pedigree of Jiu Jitsu instructors before him.

    J. marrugo
  • Fantastic professor, I am a experienced martial artist and knew in the first 5 minutes that “Bill” is the real deal. Great instructional manner, patient, detailed, family friendly, and passionate about his art. My son and I are looking forward to training with Bill and the fantastic classmates we met.

    Mark Brown
  • Bill was my master in Brazil , the year was 2001. The vibe in the class was always good. Bill is a great master and a great man because he is not only a jiu jitsu teacher, he is a friendly jiu jitsu teacher. Sometimes, i saw Bill to give jiu jitsu class free to Brazilian teens and childrens who lived in social risk situation. For me this is the real practice of a good jiu jitsu, to protect the weaks, to give opportunities to more weaks, and to learn valeus ( honor, discipline, respect…). So, after 15 years, I can to say…this is the spirit of Bill Jiu Jitsu . Rafael Vieira- Quebec Canada.

    Rafael Vieira

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